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about rogueatdy

Actually i started writing and publishing poetry, then came the songs. Each song a singer writes must stand on its own merit. Its like a painter with a blank canvas, as each stroke and layer is applied the story unfolds and emotions are brought to the forefront. Each work either down and gritty or fun and fancy free is designed, played and belted out for only one reason: THE FANS------I'll be see'in ya


Power of Now!

posted March 29th at 3:35pm

Just A 1,2,3 Bang! Magic in a Bottle! The World, problems vanish! Your whisked away and for a short time no longer living your life, your Living Right Now! Music = the power of Now!- Don cauthon


  • June

    Thanks for your support! Your music is very unique i think i can do alot with, i have and idea for you as far as compilation. hit me up

    January 28th at 6:00pm
  • Shit-Talkers

    got some good tunes man....keep it up

    July 2nd at 6:23pm
  • Shit-Talkers

    got some good tunes man....keep it up

    July 2nd at 6:23pm

    “METAL REBEL ROCK” is high powered metal Rock ‘n’ Roll with a lead guitar section to match !

    August 20th at 11:36pm

    Cool to be Grooovin' with ya ! Have a Rockin' Good Week ! check out my Blog for the latest Roy Stone News info & updates.... http://www.myspace.com/roystonelink/blog

    August 12th at 1:56pm
  • chelsealee


    August 5th at 10:42pm
  • John Micah Rapp

    i'm making a theme song for every day of the year, a total of 365 songs ... one song every day, please check it out. thanks ... john rapp

    May 11th at 8:52am
  • Mikkel Tell

    Great stuff you got there man :) Pretty impressive, I like it :)

    April 16th at 11:58am
  • The girls

    Very great songs and they sound like they come from the heart -The Girls

    March 31st at 8:21pm
  • Autonomous Vibez Music

    very strong messege 'dont give in' that definatly runs with me down my path to sucess:)

    March 26th at 8:37am
  • Jay Conrad

    Very stark, impressive songs. Splendid guitar work. Jay Conrad, Brussels CR, Belgium

    February 22nd at 7:37am
  • Dead Jesus Fish

    I like your songs.

    February 12th at 2:34am
  • lindakaye1954

    you are AWESOME, my friend. i love your music. i had read that you first started out as a poet and then.......love your music, love all the songs ive heard; however they havent shown up yet on my profile. guess because that's before i was logged in. anyway, you know the scatterbrain kiddo!!! have a good nite. and thank you for sharing your talent with me.

    February 7th at 1:32am
  • Auriemma

    You are beyond talented.Thank you for your music.

    February 5th at 7:16pm
  • Grace of Demission

    How you doing man.Hope tha everything's ok with you!!!

    January 22nd at 6:24am
  • annettecrf

    Great stuff ! Hope you reach for the stars & then exceed them.... :)

    November 1st at 8:14pm
  • The Stools

    Good stuff!

    October 31st at 9:24am
  • Grace of Demission

    Hallo buddy, thamks for your msg and for accepting our req.Mice sounds you play.Best of luck to you. Pasxalis&Garruna!!!

    October 20th at 5:58am
  • Sundad

    Nice work. Keep on going!! John Sundad

    October 6th at 12:30am
  • KellyBray

    Hey, how you doing? Have a nice sunday =) Lots of love XX kelly bray

    October 4th at 9:27am
  • Terri Brinegar

    Hey R, Thanks for the comments! I appreciate your support! Keep on writing!

    September 9th at 8:59am
  • Rawboss

    I appreciate the support greatly man May GOD bless you and your family and friends.

    July 1st at 4:53pm
  • Hope2yu

    Thanks =)

    June 3rd at 7:14am



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