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about rockboybam

Christopher 'bam bam' Jones a.k.a rockboy bam is a young rapper from chicago. He officially started rapping when he was 13 years old. The first group he was ever in was called Y.E.H BOYZ..(young entertaining headbangerz) with member keenan 'k9" davis a.k.a rockboy k9. Bam can do it all, he can rap fast, slow, & occasionally throws a little harmony into it and with the help of k9 he is learning a lot more on how to engineer. Bam thinks he can bring what he likes to call flavor to the game. He quotes " I've been a fan of all music since i could walk, and overtime music has changed dramitcally, especially hiphop/rap. Its been the same for a while. Its like a plate of food with the sme old seasoning that everybody has had a piece of, im not trying to come in the game to get the leftovers. It seems like the industry and rap as a whole has settled for less over the last few years. But when i come in the game im coming with my own flava, a new meal, and my own plate with a big appetite." When bam speaks people listen, he just wants a chance to get his voice heard by the world. Bam says " in my six years of doing music i've never left anyone dissapointed, let me surprise you."


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