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Queen Jordyn Houston The Movie by DJ William Paul Houston
Breathe New Single Release by JeanCabbie
In The Basement by Buffalo Fluff
The wrong kind of people  by hooyoosay
Ministry Of Sound. SUMAFLAVA Selectatony 2015 by MegaTunes Disco
Hip Hops Revival by Kodiac Sizzl3 ( Uncut Clic )
Nova B Beats Volume 1 by Nova B
Pass On The Love by Bill Madison
MINISTRY OF SOUND - SUMAFLAVA-2 Clubbers Guide - Selectatony 2015 by MegaTunes Disco
Just Cuz I Have A Hard On...Doesn't Mean I Love You by Poff Dizzle
Sweet Jelly by Bill Madison
Eclectic Bass EP by Nurrydog
New Calypso Breed by Reh Dogg Entertainment