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Drawing power from the world's grid of hurt, desperation, and conflict, Janus now resides in the dark corners of loss, a future of bleak outlook, and ambiguous meaning. Through war machines, rallies, and secret communications, they follow the pursuit of shining a dark light on an existence in need of reveal.

The organization's second campaign, Red Right Return, is a sea of rebellion against the broken standards and whimsically abused power of the current governing body. Deployment will commence on November 18th on our current calendar. The RRR campaign will include ten individual transmissions each strong in its concept and intensity, which together create a beacon in a dark place and time.

This campaign is one of honesty and resistance - every message pointing to a different struggle, a different hero or villain, each with a thousand faces left to interpretation.

Janus is poised to spread its communication and affect those of similar heart and mind. Through ever-growing rallies they continue to bring forth the culmination of larger campaigns and a broader movement.

Armed with a new record, Janus brings a fresh new sound to the genre of metal. Inspired by forging their own voice and among a sea of sound-a-likes, Janus has carved ten flawlessly flowing tracks info their new album: Red Right Return.

To be released on November 18 2008, the new album owns a broad range of dynamics and instruments not often used in the metal genre to produce a sound of melodic, ethereal backdrops grounded in aggressive, heavy rhythms.

"'Red Right Return', symbolizes the process of getting back to basics and not focusing on trends or anything in the industry, but on the music itself. It is a revolt of sorts against industry trends" states guitarist Mike Tyranski.

Lyrically the record reflects the human condition from both an inward and outward point of view leaving the listener to draw their own reflections. Having shared the stage with great bands like Deftones and Yellowcard, Janus is now ready to test their music among the masses.



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