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DonnDilla Da Great

about DonnDilla Da Great

Duwone M. Flowers, also known as DonnDilla Da Great. Grew up in Chicago, Illinois. And found a way to convey a positive self-expression through the negative influences of his life. DonnDilla has been writing and performing in the underground hip-hop world since 1989.With direct influences by Common, DA Smart and later Tech9ne. Which helped DonnDilla create his own niche in music known as Renegade hip hop."As an artist I write and say what's on my mind, because I don't let the rules of the music industry determine what I can and can't doin my own creativity". In the mid 90's after moving to Kansas DonnDilla was known as D.M.F. (Duwone Maurice Flowers) of the Mobtown Hustla's. Which fell to the wayside due to false recording and distribution deals.DonnDilla decided to pursue his own goals as developing himself into a solo artist. For the last few years alot of sweat and tears went into bringing you what he feels is "The Truth" Renegade Hip- Hop.

DonnDilla Da Great brings back the Old-School hip-hop sound we all grew up with in his style of "Renegade Hip-Hop" That can be described as having a constant awareness of today's social, economic and political issues that are troubling today's society. His up and mid-tempo flows help him portray an exciting and unique musical style, with innovative lyrics that always relate a balance of both worlds.

*DonnDilla has been busy performing live throughout the Midwest. The album is being distributed by W.A.I.T.T. Records Inc. and CD-Baby. The two releases on this CD by DonnDilla Da Great are "Hey Mr. DJ" and "The Way Death Is". He has created a following of his own To introduce the music world to Renegade Hip-Hop.Available on the Independent Label, W.A.I.T.T. Records Inc.

* The album was produced by Tony Gaines of the Theorapy Brothers except for "The Truth" which was produced by Shawn Edwards. The album was Recorded and Mixed by Will "The Weirdo" Williams of The Theorapy Brothers


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