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Chelsea Johnson

about Chelsea Johnson

Born in Marietta, Georgia, I am a 23 year old raised and residing in Tallahassee, Florida. I have a Bachelors degree from Livingstone College in Biology. All my life I have had a plan, a vision of the things I wanted to accomplish, however, I quickly learned that unless my plans were also God's plan, it would not come to fruision.

It is so easy to run to the things are not ordained by God. So easy to accept things that are self-originated. However, I did not find true peace until I accepted the calling, the vision, that the Lord has asked me to fufill. It is not about me; Not about self-gratifications, and definitely not about an outside show to the world or people. What it is about is being obedient. Only linking and gaging success and ability on the scale that God created.

The things I ran from are now the things that give me peace. Allow God to be the author of your life. He will create a best seller!

God bless!!


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  • Rojeio

    keep the message going remain blessed beautiful voice..............

    November 14th at 4:27pm
  • Chelsea Johnson

    Thank you so much...All for the glory of God! Be blessed!

    October 15th at 6:16pm
  • Bunji

    Your music is tight Sister

    October 14th at 10:55pm


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