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Sean Harper

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Sean Harper

A Profile

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, musician Sean Harper may have been expected to follow the traditional country route, but he had other plans. Never one to let himself be pigeonholed artistically, the multi-instrumentalist has instead incorporated a variety of music genres to create a sound that defies all the rules.

From space-rock to jazz, new age to samba and funk-metal to Celtic, Harper has invented a style all his own that is a musical melting pot. Best described as Avant-Garde Psychedelic World Rock Fusion, Harper integrates his skills on a host of instruments with origins that that span the globe: cello, guitars, electric and acoustic sitar, sarangi, bazooki, mandolin, violin, bass, keyboards, banjo, tanpura and drums. He then synthesizes the sound to some truly breathtaking musical heights.

His orchestration process is as original as his music. Sometimes he’ll decide beforehand which instruments he wants to use and will meld the sounds together. Or he may decide what he wants the solo instrument to be and will then build the rhythm around it. Still at other times, his songs are shaped while he’s dreaming. In all cases, he’s always exploring unique forms and combinations.

Among Nashville’s rock musicians, Harper is the one that everyone thought would “make it out of this town.” It was just a matter of finding the right time. In local bands since age 15, he had played “all kinds of music in all kinds of venues in all kinds weather extremes.” That type of exposure and experience has paid off. Currently armed with a catalogue of three-dozen songs, Harper is quickly getting noticed with his mix of ambient instrumental music that is often peppered with his eclectic vocals.

Drawing from a wide variety of cultural influences, Harper’s ethereal compositions have been called “marvels of ingenuity” with the power to appeal to diverse groups. As Simon Norr of Seekout Records once declared in reference to Harper’s music, "You never know what you will hear next!" Still, the themes of Harper’s music are universal: love lost, human expectation, spiritual rejuvenation, self-realization, reconciliation and freedom.

His songs are trance-like and intellectually stimulating all at the same time. Titles such as Sanity, Incoming Love Affair, Pancham-Karaq Blues, Gone Girl Blues, Japanese Girl Friend, Ophiuchus, Nymph, Azure Moonlight, and Fun with the Oscillator, demonstrate the brilliant depth and scope of his work.

Critics and DJs agree that Harper’s sound could be the next big thing:

“…Genius! These cerebral and intoxicating mixes of blues/rock classic beats with the twist of disturbed electonica gets me off. Hello ‘2012 end of world madness dream tune’ and goodbye ‘canned crap’ we have heard the last 10 years.”

-- DJ Phylis O'fize

“Sean Harper is one of those rare artists who can combine distinctly different methods, styles and instruments into a mélange that can fool the listener into believing that they were all intended to work together in the first place.”

…"Off My Mind" is an old-school acoustic work that would have Jimmy Page tapping his feet and wanting to sit in on the jam… it is a lost treasure that has finally been unearthed.”

“…How do you label something that sounds like nothing you've ever heard before? Sean Harper throws the book at his listener, hitting them with everything from electronica* to jazz. The blending and mixing of styles and sounds is something that has to be heard to be believed.”

“… Harper [is] the Real Deal. [His] stuff is sample-capable and should be a good addition to the mix at a party...which is where I'm heading now to turn some folks on to this dude's stuff.”

-- From "Here's Something New" by DJ Fresh MC

It’s no coincidence that when asked what profession he might have chosen if he was not a musician, Harper responded, “a rocket scientist, oceanographer or physician.” Instead he has chosen to explore uncharted territory with his music and, in the process, use his gifts to unite.

To hear Sean Harper’s music, visit: http://www.jukeboxalive.com/catroofrecords. To purchase a collection, visit his site on myspace.com: SNOCAP.


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  • SEQ-R

    hey, Sean... i was just listening to your music. that's a pretty eclectic mix of influences in your sound, which is what i like about it. i'm gonna have to come back to spend more time here, and really explore what you're doing musically (indian folk music, 70's psyhedelia, electronica, hip-hop/jazz, etc.). you fused it all together very nicely!

    March 17th at 7:53pm


Special Thanks to 2 Artists:

posted May 2nd at 2:37am

I want to thank Queen Latifah and Alice in Chains for the Homages. On April 28, 2014 Queen Latifah sampled my song "Porch Swing" on her new daytime show. On Alice in Chains' new album, "The Devil Made Dinosaurs", Their first song on the album, "Hollow" is a Sean Harper inspired homage to my song "Sanity".


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